AMUSEMENT LED LIGHTS, original cabochon lights, E10 – E14 bulb caps,
for carousels and amusement parks lighting.


We produce and commercialize lights and cabochon LED for major rides such as Tagadà, Extreme, wave swinger and roller-coaster, as well as kiddie rides like wacky worms or merry-go-rounds.

E10 CabochonsE14 Cabochons are carousel illumination. in addition to make shine rides, the lights for rides with cabochon LED you can make signage illumination used the LED component. 

Our cabochons for the covering of amusement lighting, are about to turn 50 years. We had lighted up various type of rides that is was built in Bergantino, Reggio Emilia and another place all over the world. 

In the amusement lighting sector, the original Imel Park cabochons differentiate themselves from the others because they have higher brilliance and colour’s maximum resistance against light and ageing, while keeping a very competitive cheap cabochon for amusement LED illumination.

Our LED design is used to create plays of amusement light, as well as strobe lights. That’s why our customers turn to us not only for lamps for rides, but also for disco lights or to illuminate shop window and stores. Our LED lights, with their respective cabochon and E10 – E14 lamp holder, are employed by carousels manufacturers, for both new and second-hand rides, and also for neon signs and palms. We can meet all of fun lighting’s needs: those of amusement parks, ride manufacturers and carousels operators.

The wide range of E10 lamp holder, E14 lamp holder, E10 LED lights, E14 LED lightsE10 cabochon and E14 cabochons provides different shapes, styles, dimensions and projected plays of light. A broad choice of colours and connection types is also available, with the possibility to adapt to the client’s requirements like us carnival lights, circus lights and lights for rides.

As for shapes, the history of our products recall old coloured light bulbs and, at the same time, diamond’s geometries and light reflections. Besides the classic models of cabochons E14 like the Turbo S, Diamond and Astro ones, many compact, recessed or flat cabochons E10 flat cabochons E14 are also available, with several cabochon supplies such as parables and chrome-plated collars. For us, it is important to underline that our products’ chromes are the most resistant ones, since they’re compliant with the strictest exposure standards to weather conditions (according to RoHS regulation).

Moreover, Imel Park manufactures LED RGB lamps- and controller for amusement rides, LED SMD, micro-LEDs, LED projectors, LED headlights, LED strips, and everything concerning LED technology, without neglecting the DMX lights control-unit.

The size range of our LED spot lights (24V or 60V) includes: small cabochons for E10 LED lamps (such as the Ufo models), and medium-sized cabochons for E14 LED lamps (such as the Turbo, Turbo S, Diamond and Astro models), to create different beams of light.


A distinctive feature of Imel Park is the idea to project various light effects on LED panels put together with magnifying glasses, in order to amplify the signs lighting and making them visible from far away.

Our coloured lights range consists in 14 basic, transparent colours to which the fluorescent and opalescent tones must be added. These tones are particularly requested for the production of illuminated lettering and sign.

Our cabochons’ material is top level PMMA (methacrylate), which is the first choice of primary producers (like Plexiglass) and conforms to the UL 94 HB standard. This is a precius material that allow built cabochon ecofriendly, because we are always looking to the environment.

Upon request, PC cabochons (polycarbonate) are also available in their fire-retardant version, in accordance with UL 94 V0 classification.