Family rides


To this category belong the led lamps for the most classic amusement park rides and for the attractions of some travelling shows. Our range of products includes traditional E10 Cabochon and E14 Cabochon, downlights, cabochon lighting, fairground light, amusement light ,in order to illuminate both the carousel’s structure and subjects.

Who’s never gone for a ride on a carousel such as a merry-go-round with horses, a wacky worm, a wave swinger, a roller-coaster and never fascinated by fairground lamps?

For more classic attractions Imel Park also offers some vintage LED lights for sign , that recall those old colored light bulbs of ancient carousels with their old-fashioned illumination. Our amusement LED lighting can be found on carousels, horror houses, target shootings, and also in the festive street light.